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HSE Lean Academy

Lean White Belt

More and more we need to understand our processes, identify the waste within them and focus our efforts on value-added activities.

Learn about how Lean Thinking can have a real impact in a wide variety of Healthcare settings.

By completing this course, you will have a new way of thinking about the daily issues you face in your work.

You can become certified as a Lean White Belt by completing the Lean White Belt for Healthcare online module and answering some follow-up questions.

Lean White Belt

Start Date:
On Demand

30 - 60 Minutes

Self-Directed Online Learning

Complimentary to all HSE Staff

Lean White Belt

Aims of the Programme

Process change image to highlight one of the benefits of Lean for Sustainable Healthcare

Lean Thinking

Demonstrate the benefits of Lean in your organisation and enable learners to understand key Lean concepts and contribute to a culture of change in the HSE.

Group 75

Workforce Development

Deliver industry-developed learning to participants enabling them to support the business in achieving its operational excellence objectives

Certificate image to highlight university certification from Lean for Sustainable Healthcare

Programme Certification

Provide all successful participants with a Lean White Belt certification of completion

The Learning Experience

The Lean White Belt is a short, self-study online programme. The course includes the following engaging and interactive online learning modules:

  • Introduction to Lean White Belt
  • History and Origins for Lean
  • Lean Value and Waste
  • Lean Roles & Skills
  • Applying Lean to Healthcare
  • Assessment for Certification

A final assessment will be completed at the end of the programme. Learners will be required to select the best Lean choices in a variety of healthcare scenarios. The pass mark for this assessment is 80%.

Digital Credential
Learners who successfully complete this programme will receive a certificate of completion and digital badge.


Benefits to the Participants

Benefits to the Participants

Improved Process Awareness
Participants will understand the impact of their day to day tasks and how they can support, irrespective of their position or level.

Recognition and Credentials
Participants who successfully complete the Lean White Belt programme will receive a certificate of completion.

Development Pathway
The White Belt provides learners with a pathway to further professional development.

Benefits to the Organisation

Who is this Programme for?

The Lean White Belt is suitable for members of the Health Service Executive, working across all sectors at any professional level.

Who is prog for?

What Participants Say

“I found it very interesting and it made me think about what Lean waste is and how it might be applied to my own job. I found the stories of people who had undertaken lean projects to be very interesting and insightful”

Deirdre Clinton

Finance, HSE

"The White Belt programme gave me a good introduction and overview to the concept of Lean. It was very accessible and encouraged me to further me knowledge of Lean”

Dermot Burke

HIHI Health Innovation Champion