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HSE Lean Academy

Lean Process Mapping

This programme is designed to teach individuals the methodology and skills to map their current state processes, understand and analyse them.

It will give individuals the tools they need to understand the difference between a Current State and Future State map and identify non-value add activities and opportunities for improvement.

The programme is highly engaging and delivers a practical output.

Lean Process Mapping

Registration Deadline:
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12 weeks

Online Webinars

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Programme Benefits

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Learn from Leaders

Our training programmes are developed with the support of Lean experts who have extensive industry experience in leading Lean Process Improvement Projects

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Practical Skills for Everyday Use

Participants will work on developing the soft skills required to facilitate a collaborative process mapping workshop e.g. Workshop Facilitation Skills, as well as the practical skills to draft a process map

Lean Experts

Tried and Tested Methodology

The programme is developed around one of the tools in the Lean Six Sigma toolkit. This enables individuals to follow a proven standardised approach to mapping processes

Standardised Approach

Certificate of Completion

Participants that successfully complete the module will receive a Central Solutions Badge of Completion, which can be used as a stepping stone towards further Lean education

The learning experience

This Process Mapping programme is comprised of 10 key topics on Process Mapping. There is a final assignment that consists of submitting your process map for review.

Case study examples are used throughout the programme to demonstrate the practical application of the Process Mapping in a healthcare setting.

This programme will be delivered online via Webinar, enabling a collaborative learning environment as well as providing peer to peer learning opportunities.

As you progress through this programme, you will develop the ability to:

  • Plan out your process mapping activity
  • Identify and communicate with stakeholders effectively
  • Map out and document a ‘Current State’ map of your process
  • Identify the pain points within the process for improvement
  • Understand how to move your process from its Current State to a re-designed Future State



At the end of the programme participants will demonstrate key learnings by developing a Process Map that will be assessed for certification. This map should demonstrate the various elements of a process map that have featured throughout the programme.



Workshop Webinars

An introduction to Process Mapping and Scoping your Process Mapping activity

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Who is this Programme for?

Individual learners looking to participate in professional development and gain further knowledge on a key Lean Six Sigma tool.

Departmental Managers or Process Owners tasked with developing and championing Lean projects.

Senior Management looking to gain an understanding of Process Mapping to provide a more supportive role.

What Participants Say

“I undertook the HSE Lean Processing Mapping course recently, I found the course to be very practicable and useful if my endeavours in mapping out the “To be” and “As is” processes of work that I was currently undertaken.  The course gets you thinking about aspects of a process that you would normally not look at. I would strongly recommend this course to anybody involved in streamlining processes to make them more efficient and cost effective”

Olive Hayes