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Welcome to the HSE Lean Academy

Helping healthcare staff across Ireland to apply Lean Tools and Thinking to deliver process improvements and improved patient outcomes.


Teaching you
Lean Tools & Thinking

The Academy offers a range of strategy development supports for business units ranging from our Lean Champions and Operational Excellence workshops to support and advisory services.

Building a culture of operational excellence and enabling staff to use Lean tools and methodologies in their day-to-day work can drive significant change.

To date, the HSE Lean Academy has provided high quality, high impact Lean programmes to over 500 HSE employees and realised tangible savings for the Business Units.

Training Pathway

The HSE Lean Academy offers a full Lean Six Sigma Healthcare pathway from White belt through Yellow and Green Belts on to Black Belt level certified by the University of Limerick. These innovative work-based programmes leverage blended delivery to facilitate skills development on-the-job, for the-job and to improve-the-job:

Lean White Belt Digital Badge

Lean White Belt

1-Hour online course that introduces the benefits of Lean in the organisation

Lean Yellow Belt digital badge.

Lean Yellow Belt

Blended programme that provides the practical skills to deliver a Lean project

Lean Green Belt digital badge

Lean Green Belt

Blended programme that delivers significant Process Improvement projects

Process Mapping digital badge

Process Mapping

Blended programme that outlines the skills to map current state processes

Lean Champions digital badge

Lean Champions

One-day programme is designed to equip Senior Managers and Lean Champions with the overall information and tools needed to build their own internal programmes

Upcoming Programmes

The HSE Lean Academy offers an innovative suite of mentoring, coaching and training services underpinned by Lean Six Sigma management principles and competencies to all staff across the health sector.

Lean Yellow Belt

The Lean Yellow Belt programme provides the practical skills and knowledge to identify, analyse and develop solutions for simple Operational Excellence Projects.

Learners will manage a work-based project throughout the programme to deliver benefits that make a real impact on the organisation.

Process Mapping

This programme is designed to teach learners the methodology and skills to map current state processes.

Once mapped, learners will be equipped with the skills to interpret, understand and analyse their current processes.

Lean Green Belt

The aim of the Lean Green Belt programme is to embed knowledge and skills within the workforce and across an organisation.

This will enable the delivery of Operational Excellence projects through the application of Lean processes and tools.

Lean White Belt

The Lean White Belt programme serves as an introduction to Lean Tools and Thinking enabled by the HSE Lean Academy.

It provides learners with an introduction to how Lean is bringing about positive change in HSE by driving a culture of continuous improvement throughout the HSE Business Units across the country.


HSE Lean Community of Practice

The HSE Lean Community of Practice brings together all Lean Yellow and Green Belt graduates, tutors, champions and others to continue to collaborate and share knowledge, Lean tools and internal and external best practices and experiences from across the country in an innovative and dynamic environment.

CoP events are held once a quarter, the topics and themes discussed are decided by you and for you.

Topics such as Process Mapping, Lean Waste and Lean Training have been discussed at previous events.

Register your interest for the next Lean Community of Practice event here.

What people say

“I wish to express my gratitude for the excellent training received during the Lean Yellow Belt course. This course is a very valuable asset to have in terms of project management. It is an organised approach which provides a deep understanding of how to plan and implement a project.“

Mary Donoghue

HSE Lean Academy

Yellow Belt Case Study

“Lean brings about transparency, it brings about accurate reporting, it brings about confidence. The potential is endless. Any aspect of the Health Service can benefit from this. It gives us a great opportunity to examine the process, though Lean and bring benefit to the organisation.“

John Swords

HSE Lean Academy

Lean Champions Case Study

“We are becoming Lean throughout the department. As we are now using Point of Use, we are able to free up our HCA’s and their roles are being utilised in theatre, so that has a huge benefit in the turnaround of theatres which improves efficiencies in theatre. Overall it’s been a great experience.”

Joanne Connolly

HSE Lean Academy

Green Belt Case Study