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Process Mapping

In our day-to-day activities we navigate a variety of processes to complete our tasks. Our processes can often be time consuming, repetitive and a significant drain on our resources.

Taking on a Process Mapping event enables you to harness the tacit knowledge of your team understand your process, how and why it operates the way it does today.

From understanding our processes, we can identify opportunities for improvement, create efficiencies within the process and improve the outcome of the service provided by the process.

Process Mapping events have been utilised to solve a variety of process issues across the HSE and areas such as Procurement, HR, Pensions, Payroll and Recruitment.

The Methodology

Each process mapping activity is conducted through a series of Kaizen events in order to identify the current state process, design the future state and identify the gap between the two.

Kaizen events are short, intense working sessions which bring together a team of key stakeholders with a specific aim to deliver process improvements.

Facilitated by 20Fifty Partners, the key stakeholders meet as a group for three key blocks of work:

Block 1
To establish an “current state” map of the process identified.

Block 2
Establish an “future state” map of the process that will enable the changes required to improve the process.

Block 3
Develop a gap analysis that will identify the actions required to get from the “as is” current state to the “ideal” future state.

Benefits Achieved

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Lean Experts

Our Process Mapping events are run by Lean experts who have extensive industry experience in leading Lean Process Improvement Projects

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Process Understanding with Tangible Results

Through uncovering the real root causes of process variation and waste, real tangible benefits are realised and sustained

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Facilitated Approach

The event will be run using tried and tested tools from the Lean Toolkit by industry experts

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