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HSE Lean Academy: Lean Behind the Scenes

This event highlighted where Lean has been used across a variety of areas within the HSE. With speakers sharing their experience of using Lean Tools & Techniques, providing insight and inspiration on how Lean can be applied in a multitude of processes. Noeleen Burke, IEHG, took us through the process that has been in place across IEHG for several years now. With focused effort on the complex issues, the improvements and benefits have stood to the group leading out on the initiatives with continuous requests for support in Lean initiatives across the hospital group. Next Raymond Daly, eHealth & Disruptive Technologies, presented his Lean Yellow Belt project having completed the training programme in 2022. While the project was technical in nature, this was a great demonstration of using Lean tools and thinking to solve a sticky problem. The improvements benefitted both the customer and the supplier in the process.